Artist Statement

At its core, my work is rooted in questions of spirituality and morality. Compositions are calculated, controlled and are an attempt to reach perfection. They are resolved. Meditative. Conflict has been removed. They are intended to act as a counterpoint to our chaotic society and my lack of control I have as an individual struggling with my place in it: how one self-actualizes v. how one is perceived. 

My art practice is wide in scope although most concepts manifest as oil paint on board / canvas. The written word (on paper) has become frequent compositional elements. I use it to evoke a duality: on one hand creating an organic harmony with the painting in order to induce a meditative quality; while at the same time creating a tension between the seemingly obtrusive media, partnered with serene imagery. The words also hold specific meaning which may or may not relate to the visual cues. In most cases the text, coupled with the images, bring my work to a place that neither myself or the particular author had intended.