"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip to Italy, once again. The hotels, food, artists we visited, and all of the walking tours were spectacular. The guides were very informative and provided just the right amount of details at each stop along the way. I will recommend this trip to many of my friends and colleagues."

Susan Tirone
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tour Participant 2012 & 2015

- - - - - -

Thank you again for one of the best holidays we have ever had! ( And we have had many really lovely holidays over the years.) We talk often of the trip and we have wonderful memories of Italy, of the people and especially of you two. It went by so quickly it does seem like a dream. Both Ann and I came back feeling more relaxed! The food, the accommodations – especially the villa in Tuscany, which was amazing – and the art, both historic and contemporary, were outstanding.”

Douglas & Ann Mott
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tour Participants 2013 & 2014

- - - - - -

“Traveling with this group was a joy. The levels of artistic, cultural and culinary treats and delights speak for themselves. All this rests well within the thoughtful and efficient organization of the entire trip. Highly recommended!”

Adrian & Janet Edwards
Cornwall, United Kingdom
Tour Participant 2012, 2015 & 2018

- - - - - -

“This trip more than fulfilled my hopes and dreams of going to Italy for the first time. Christopher’s command of Italian meant that communication was not a problem. Great attention to detail ensured a most enjoyable trip with enough free time for exploration and shopping. Staying in a villa for six nights gave the convenience of unpacking once and then doing day trips. I want to go again to delve deeper into the galleries and museums now that I have had my initial exposure. Don’t miss this opportunity to travel with Victoria & Christopher along with their humorous and knowledgeable guides!”

Evelyn Noble
Halifax, NS
Tour Participant 2012

- - - - - -

“A trip to Italy on an Art & Cultural Excursion I just could not pass up. I convinced two of my friends to join me.  My love of art and all things artistic was fulfilled every day on this excursion from the Vatican Museums to the little studios of local artists, little restaurants in out of the way places, time for shopping, leisurely dinners. I met a tremendous group of people and I will never forget them. I applaud you Victoria and Christopher, a job well done.  I certainly recommend it to anyone and I am already scheming to see how I can go again next year.”

Eleanor Ferguson Jenkins
Hampton, New Brunswick
Tour Participant 2010

- - - - - -

“What a fabulous trip with such attention to detail. It was informative, well organized, well prepared and provided an intimate look at art in Italy. The artists and studios we visited made it a really unique experience. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone – for those who have never been to Italy and to those who have been before.”

Edith Hancock
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tour Participant 2010, 2011 & 2013

- - - - - -

“What a wonderful time we had thanks to all the planning and attention to detail taken by Victoria & Christopher. Wonderful accommodations, fantastic food and wine, great guides, and great company!”

Ellen-Marie Matheson
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tour Participant 2013